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Tai Chi, Qigong and the Treatment of Hypertension.

Qigong and tai chi are both considered tools in the toolbox of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Qigong has been in existence for thousands of years, whereas tai chi is of a more recent origin. Both are considered low-impact exercises that have numerous health benefits. The present article reviews some studies on the treatment of hypertension and high blood pressure using one or both of these tools of TCM. Numerous studies have found that tai chi and qigong exercises can have a significant positive impact on blood pressure, nitric oxide and endothelin-1 levels.

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McGee, Robert W. 2021. Tai Chi, Qigong and the Treatment of Hypertension. Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research 39(1): 31055-31062 (2021). DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2021.39.006256 https://biomedres.us/pdfs/BJSTR.MS.ID.006256.pdf


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